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It was my customers who prompted me to eventually get around to supplying telescopic sights. Five out of ten who bought an EDgun would ask if I had any scopes.  In those early days, I had only the superb Dedal Stalker which, at seven-hundred quid a pop, was not quite within everyone's budget, especially having just shelled out sixteen-hundred pounds or more on an EDgun
   Nevertheless, if they'd just purchased a LESHIY CLASSIC, or an enquiry was from a LESHIY owner, I would advise what was confidentially shown to me by a colleague on the EDgun exhibition stand at the Nürnberg IWA Trade Show during my initiation as the EDgun UK dealer way back in 2019.  As such, I would advise (as was pointed out somewhat discreetly by an EDgun colleague), due to the somewhat unergonomic design of the LESHIY in terms of shouldering the gun for a comfortable eye-to-sight alignment, the position of the picatinny rail is too far forward for mounting the compact Stalker for the shooter to find a do-able eye-relief unless, crooking one's neck in an awkward contorted posture that might otherwise suit a giraffe. 
   Naturally, I later tested this physiological observation myself, found it to be true and felt obliged to advise potential buyers that the Dedal Stalker is not an ideal fit for the LESHIY.  Yes, that cost me sales and indeed exposed me to a conflict of interest, yet, from the EDgun UK dealer point of view, not betraying my customer's trust as opposed to loyalty to the economic priority for a brand was never an issue I lost any sleep over.  

Considering my venture into the big wide world of air rifle scopes is a relatively new objective, I made a point of focusing on one or two of the best value-for-money buys in every category from First Focal Plane to Thermal Imaging, Digital Night Vision and the growing popularity of SuperWideView Prismatics.   However, one thing's for sure, while it's anybody's choice for what suits their purpose and budget, not all scopes are suited to the LESHIY Classic, nor LESHIY 2 Semi-Auto.  Why?
   Okay, you spotted it . . . eye-to-sight alignment and eye-relief.  And the question of whether the scope is a good fit for the rifle or vice versa can better be answered by an experiment that puts both aspects of the equipment to the test.  From the point of view of any scope, the dual critical aspects are already noted: eye-to-sight alignment and eye-relief.  However, the ergonomic structure of an air rifle may prove to be the determining factor from the shooter's point of view.  Thus we arrive at the question: Is either Leshiy model a good fit for the Immersive Prismatic Scopes when mounted directly on the Leshiy's picatinny rail? 

Perhaps the experience of a customer will throw light on the subject . . .

Hi Graham, the 10x40 Immersive scope arrived safe and sound.  Was carefully trial fitted and unfortunately it's not suitable. You were dead right!  Just too little eye-relief to make it useable!  Very frustrating because it's a stunning little scope - bright and clear!  I'll rebox the scope today and drop it back at the Post Office, and hopefully you'll process the refund when it comes back to you.  Many thanks for the service.  I'm delighted with the Leshiy and a bit gutted the scope won't work for me. Hey ho! That's life! 
All the best, Ben 

Ok, Ben, thanks.  I'll sort your refund on arrival. Meanwhile, I have some compact First Focal Plane scopes arriving soon.

Thanks Graham, think I'm still intending to go down the prism/short optic route at the moment, so will have to have a hunt around for a prismatic scope with longer eye-relief. 

Ok, Ben, keep me posted if you find anything suitable.

With further experimentation, when Immersive scopes are fitted to more conventional air rifles, eye-relief is not an issue because the eye-to-sight alignment is located more ergonomically on an elevated picatinny rail in relation to the shooter's shouldering position.  The simple solution for the LESHIY therefore, is to fit a picatinny extension rail to elevate the Immersive scope to the shooter's eye-to-sight alignment while bringing it closer to meet the scope's eye-relief.  The video link below demonstrates how this is achieved.

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